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February 2013

CD >Parution of the CD "Nostalgic Steps". Available on Spheric Music et PWM-Distrib.

December 2012

DVD > CD and DVD "Promenade nocturne". CD zvailable on PWM-Distrib.

December 2012

CD "Interférences". Promotional CD.

July 2012

CD > Parution of the CD "Journey Through The Past". Available on Spheric Music and PWM-Distrib.

October 2011

CD > Parution of the CD "Morceaux choisis". Only available on website.

February 2010

CD > Parution of the CD "Séquences". Only available on PWM-Distrib website.

January 2010

NEWS > The site of sale and downloading PWM-Distrib is online.

August 2009

NEWS > Meeting in Nantes of several French musicians : launching of the plan of creation of a site of sale of French progressive electronic musics.

May 2009

News > Olivier Briand offers to Bertrand to create a site of online sale of electronic musics. Idea: take back the name of Patch Work Music and melt down again the association to develop this concept.

April 2009

CD > Parution of the CD "Rémniscences". Normal distribution.

October 2006

CD > Parution of the CD "D'une rive à l'autre". Normal distribution.

October 2006

SITE > New version (XHTML and CSS - best respect of the web standards). Realisation of the English version.

August 2005

BERTRAND > Participation at the second Close Encounters of Electronic Music at Libourne (Gironde - France).

April 2005

CD > Parution of the CD "Close encounters of electronic music". Normal distribution.

August 2004

BERTRAND > Participation at the first Close Encounters of Electronic Music at Libourne (Gironde - France).

March 2003

SITE > Complete updated of the site.

July/August 2002

SITE > Realisation of the second version of the site. The site is optimised for a screen in 800x600 resolution and has been tested for all navigators v4 minimum (Explorer, Netscape and Opera) on Mac and PC.

May 2002

BERTRAND > Signe the preface of the book (in French) from Dominique Roux : "Klaus Schulze, un saut dans l'inconnu..." a very documented vision of Klaus Schulze life. An invitation to listen to all his CDs !

April 2002

CD > Parution of the CD "Passé composé". Normal distribution.
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